Why Spain


For a good part of this decade, Spain has been one of the top emmigration and retirement spots not only in Europe but in the whole world. It has a combination of a couple of very important reasons that no country in the world can beat:

  • Beautiful climate, one of the healthiest in the world, with many places having over 3000 sunshine hours a year.
  • Almost 5.000 kilometers of coastline.
  • The Strong economy, forth by the size in EU zone, 13th biggest in the world.
  • Highest growth (5%) in the last two years in Europe.
  • It is the tenth best country in the world by the quality of life.
  • Health system ranked 8th best in the world.
  • Second highest life expectancy in the world.
  • First world infrastructure.
  • Relatively cheap properties and extremely low cost of living, compared to the other retirement heavens.
  • Low crime rate, making it one of the safest countries in the world, where violent crimes are almost unheard of.

But, those are only facts. The main advantages of a country like Spain are its people, warm, welcoming, polite, with traditional values but open to differences, willing to help, let you feel at home.

The Spanish way of life reflects the spirit of its people – it is relaxed, easy going, far from stressful and something that you will not experience anywhere else in Europe.

This is obviously the reason why so many foreigners choose Spain as its home. There are over 6 million foreigners in Spain, but, since many Europeans are sharing Spain with their own country of residence, the number is much higher.


Third biggest in Spain, Valencia city is a perfect size for expatriates. With a population of around 800.000 people, unbeatable climate, the infrastructure of high European standards, low property prices, proximity of the coast and good connection with the rest of the continent, it is a choice that is hard to beat. That is the reason for an unprecedented number of people arriving in the last 2 years with an intention of permanently settling in Valencia.

Valencia is a gateway to the whole province, which stretches from Castellon to Alicante. With almost 500 km of coastline and the warmest part of the Mediterranean sea, it is an eternal paradise for holidaymakers throughout the world.  The city itself has one of the biggest Old Towns in Europe, and attracts more than 3 million visitors every year, with this number steadily growing. It became a sort of an β€œin” place in Spain, with many people relocating here from as far as US, Canada, and Australia. Since the movement for Independence in Catalunya grew in strength, it became a prime relocation spot for many people and businesses from Barcelona, coming here and finding a new home.

But, what mostly attracts people to this place is an easy way of life, the traditional hospitality of Spanish people, gastronomy, culture, history, infrastructure all nicely combined with extraordinary natural beauty. For the next ten years at least, Valencia will be a top place to move to in Europe, and that is a fact well known for some time.

Since 2016, property prices have started recovering, and following the trend in Madrid and Barcelona, they are quickly coming back to their historic highs. Compared to the rest of Europe, and those two Spanish cities, prices in Valencia are still low, so there is a lot of space for growth. This is the reason why for the next couple of years, Valencia will be a sure investment destination, where, in certain areas, property prices will rise more than 10% a year. That kind of return on investment coupled with a strong rental return (over 5% net a year), makes Valencia at the moment one of the few places in Europe where you can make solid returns with very limited risk.

A year from now you will wish you had started today