Relocation Services

Coming to a new country and immersing into a new culture can be a daunting task. For most people, such move happens once in the lifetime, so it is very important to gather all the necessary information from the completely independent source which will cater for your needs.

We offer full relocation services as well as integration into the community, from your initial visit until you are fully settled as well as integration into the community.

Our services:

Orientation tours 
(Discovering your new hometown, visiting places where you might want to live, or stay, according to your specifications)

Administrative help
(Opening bank accounts, health insurance, house, and contents insurance, sourcing the best accommodation options, setting up accounts for water, lights, gas, internet, registering the tax, organizing your Declaration of assets and tax returns)

Schooling help
(Explaining how the Spanish educational system works, presenting schools in and around Valencia, finding the adequate school, helping you enlist your children in the schools)

Settling Services
(Introducing you to the local culture,  connecting you to expat community, explaining the public transport system,  recommending the restaurants, shopping options, recreation and leisure options and generally fostering enthusiasm for moving and living in destination city).

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