Property Tours

To be able to decide where to buy, or even rent, you cannot rely on somebody’s advice. It is best to see the area for yourself. We are organizing various property tours, where we will take you to the different areas, explain the price trends, availabilities, and simply show you around. All our tours last 6 hours, from 10-16.

We organize the following tours:

property tours - Valencia City

Valencia City

1 day, Eur 100,00
On foot combined with the car, city center tour.

property tours - Valencia and surroundings

Valencia outlying areas

2 days, Eur 199,00
A visit to the suburbs of Valencia, (car).

property tours - live by the sea

Live by the sea 

2 days, Eur 199,00
A visit to North and South beach areas, (car).

property tours - hidden gemsHidden Gems 

1 day, Eur 150,00
A visit to undervalued and overlooked areas of Valencia that are not only nice but represent serious investment value, (car).

property tours - total orientationTotal orientation

4 days, Eur 399,00
All of the tours combined for total orientation in the area (car).

Prices are per tour, maximum 3 people.
Additional charge: 0,25 Euros per kilometer by car.
Prices do not include tax at 21%.
Collection and drop-off from any point in town, including the Airport.


A year from now you will wish you had started today