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Representative Office

The main function of the Representative office is usually to collect and distribute information and to introduce and refer potential customers to the head office, located in another country. Representative Office is not a legal entity in Spain, so it is relatively easy to set it up. There are numerous other benefits of having an office in Spain – you can exhibit some of your products for potential customers to see, you can make a first step in entering a new market, you can launch limited marketing campaigns which will raise awareness of your brand in a new market, or this can be the first step to test the business in Spain. You can also have a person dedicated to your brand who will answer all the relevant questions in a new market, helping you in fostering ties with potential clients

We have a couple of plans available, starting from simply providing an address and telephone number for inquiries, organizing focused and limited low-cost marketing campaigns to test the market, to having a sales representative in Spain.

Setting up a business in Spain

Spain is one of the most dynamic markets in Europe, and the 5th in size. It is well connected with Latin and Central America, and its language is spoken by 600 million people in the world. Getting into the Spanish market can be beneficial for your business. We work with the top business lawyer in Valencia and can organize the formation of a Spanish branch or a company, finding the adequate space, and setting your business up from day one. Please, call us for more information on options and fees.


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