Cheap property in Valencia

There are still some bargains around Valencia

Although the prices have risen, there are still some bargains to be found in and around Valencia. This is a list of the properties that we think represents a good buy. Renovation is needed, but in Spain, you will hardly find a property that doesn’t require renovation. We are not an agent, we don’t get a commission on those properties, we don’t even care who is selling them, this is only for illustration purpose

Macastre, Euro 24.000, 1st floor, 98 m2, 3 bedrooms. Small village close to Turis, about 44 km from Valencia, but close to A3 highway

Serra, Euro 24.000, 85 m2, 2nd floor no elevator, 3 bedrooms, 30 kms from Valencia close to the big nature reserve

Picassent, Euro 23.000, 49 m2, 1st floor no elevator, 3 bedrooms, Calle Dels Furs 8. Picassent is small village outside Valencia, on Metro line, 28 minutes time travel to centre.

Picassent, Euro 17.000, 71m2, 3 bedrooms, 1st floor no elevator, only 28 minutes by metro to centre of Valencia

Moncofar Playa, Euro 52.300, 3 bedrooms, 87m2. One of the 6 repossesed properties in a brand new building, second line from the beach, Calle Peruga 25. Fifty kms from Valencia on a mostly empty highway (30 minutes drive to the centre).

Moncofar Playa, Euro 53.000, 104m2, 2nd floor no elevator, 3 bedrooms, huge terrace, Calle Isaac Peral 112, 3rd line from the beach, less than 100 m from the sea. Very accesible to Valencia by car.

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