Looking back at my decision, about a year ago, to buy the property in Valencia, it seemed like a very easy task. Big town, lots of different neighborhoods, lots of options and very reasonable prices: it was all tempting. I never realized how complicated this search might be! How much Spanish property market, especially one in Valencia, differs from what I knew about the property!

I had lost plenty of time learning simple things that one should know upfront. Before one even starts browsing the Internet. Thus, I decided to share my humble experience. If I am lucky, this can be a start of unique exchange. Exchange of information between the people who bought property and the ones who are thinking about buying.

By now, you must have noticed that English is not my native tongue. Still, I have learned that the right information is much more valuable than no information at all. Even if it is spelt wrong or with a wrong syntax. Since I value Internet for one thing more than anything: its ability to spread an information, I decided to start this blog.

It is not intended to scare, discourage, or persuade anybody. It reflects what I have learned, and the impressions and facts I have gathered. It might be the starting point for somebody, it might be a time-saving source of information. It might be a waste of your time. Anyway, it is there for everybody to use it, the best way they find possible.