According to Idealista there are about 14.000 properties for sale in Valencia at any given moment, and only a handful will fit your requirements. Therefore, it is important to eliminate as many as possible before you even start personally viewing the properties. Agents will be of little help, and, there is a very serious language barrier, even if they claim they speak English. But, thankfully, modern technology provided us with another useful tool, remote property viewing which can save time in deciding if the property is worth viewing.

On most computers, tablets even phones, there are 2 very useful applications, Maps that usually comes standard and Google Maps, that you will have to either download or use the Internet browser to access. Each one has its merits and together, they work very well.

Google Maps comes with Google Street View and recently 3d feature too. Once you find out what is the address of the property, or if you even a street name only, you can use this information to inspect the street, surroundings, look at the building from the street level to see how high it is, check the light, traffic, shops that are around and so on. Even when you are not provided with the address, you might be able to catch a glimpse of the buildings around, sometimes the names of the shops or the restaurants in the given location. Using Google search, and looking for these names, you will be able to locate the property and see if the building itself is something you are interested in.


Combining the pictures from the Internet, and walking the Street View, you will eventually get the exact address. Once you are in possession of that information, you can use Maps to get the 3d picture of the area and the building itself.


This is important because on the photographs, sometimes you will be shown inner terraces which are nothing but holes in the buildings where light never sets (you can call them skylights, but to be honest, on the first couple of floors, there is not much light at all. Photographers will retouch those photographs, and many times, they will make them lighter so they appear to have more light than in real life. Also, the 3d map will show you what is behind the building you are looking at, where are the windows, is there a dump yard around, maybe busy highway. Agents will hesitate to tell you the exact location of the property in question, maybe they are afraid you will go directly to the owner, or they have some other issues, but, insist, and tell them you want to look at it on Google Maps. Some of them realize the significance of this practice, since, their time is also wasted if you are unhappy before you even walk into the apartment. It is also very important to check the volume of the passing traffic. I don’t know how they succeed, but, whenever they are showing busy roads in front of the buildings, photographers manage to capture their images without a single car on the street. Bear in mind that all those car lanes are there for a reason, and in Valencia, there are filled with vehicles most of the day. So, yes, a street with 3 or 4 lanes, or even more, will be extremely busy.

The good thing is that the whole area of Valencia is covered with 3d maps, but, further, you go outside of the town, the harder it gets. The images you get on 3d are somewhat distorted, but you will quickly and easily get hang of it, and it will prove to be a very useful tool at your disposal. The downside is that Maps and Google Maps can be very confusing when you are searching for a particular street. The reason is that sometimes they prefer Valencian names (carrer instead of calle, pare instead of padre), and sometimes not. Once you start looking you will be amazed at how many combinations of names there are, but, eventually, you will come right. Although Google Maps has recently added the 3d feature,  Maps is easier to control and it works a bit faster.