The trendiest suburb in Valencia and the place where all Valencians ultimately want to live is L’Eixample, located in between the 2 railway stations on one side, and Rio Turia on the other.  All the major boutiques are strategically positioned here, and restaurants and bars are plenty too. Like Sant Francesc on the other side of calle Colon, L’Eixample is known for the most expensive office space in town, that occupied a good portion of majestic buildings, very well looked after. Normally, the property is also pricey – it can compare to Xerea and Seu, and sometimes, depending on the position, it can be even more expensive.

L’Eixample consists of 3 different areas, Pla del Remei, Gran Via and Russafa



Pla del Remei tops the wish lists of many Valencians since it is a sort of “status” area in the city. It is bordered by Calle Colon on one side, Rio Turia, on the other, and Gran Via and Calle Russafa. With beautiful Mercado Colon, all the important boutiques, calle Colon and Turia park in short distance, it is what you call “location, location, location” suburb. But, properties in this area are not easy to find, even if you want to spend a lot. Since it is very commercial, most of the flats are converted to offices. Almost every street in this area has got its own charm and story, Calle Jorge Juan, short but full of boutiques, calle Sorni lined with fashionable shops, calle Grabador Esteve, probably the most expensive in the area, Serrano Morales, lined with nightclubs, and the list goes on. If you enjoy the sights and sounds of a big city this is a place where you can experience it. Being so central, and close to all the shops, is the biggest pro of this area. The fact that no matter how much money you spend on the property, you will always get more back, helps too. The biggest con is the noise: cars, people, big city stuff.



On the other side of Gran Via, in between this street, Avenida Peris Y Valero and Avenida Reina de Valencia, lies another part of L’Eixample – Gran Via. This area is beautiful and bit quieter, the more you move away from calle Colon. It is a residential area, and, although there are many shops around, they are much smaller, typical of any barrio in Valencia. It is much easier to find a property here. But it won’t be cheap either. Gran Via is also a part of the city where many people, especially older ones, go to wine and dine. Calle Conde De Altea is full of restaurants and bars, so living on this street would probably be very hard unless you have a hearing problem. Calle Ciscar, lined with trees is the one that houses most of the shops in this area. Apart from these two streets, and obviously Reina de Valencia and Gran Via, it can get very quiet during the night. It is very good and very clean area with many pros and not many cons, apart from the noise.



The third and the most vibrant part of L’Eixample is called Russafa, and it is bordered by Plaza del Torros on one side, the railway station on the other, and Avenida Peris Y Valero. It is at the moment most fashionable district, especially popular with young Valencians and foreigners. It was always a very rich area, being built right next to the railway station (very important place at one point in the history), and the buildings are simply magnificent. At one stage, at the beginning of this century, for whatever reason, (many people here are suggesting a foul play) the values and the prices started plummeting since many emigrants suddenly started moving in. Russafa transformed from highly desired place to an area of crime and drugs. Very quickly, within a couple of years, the area came back to its former glory. Whoever knew it would go up in prices again, bought their properties (this is that foul play part), and the life went on. What is specific for Russafa is the enormous number of restaurants and cafes, per capita. It is a beautiful place to go out, spend an evening, or spend every evening, but to live here is not easy. Although there are many shops in the area together with a nice Mercado, you will have to be very careful when choosing a property here. There is a good chance, almost a guarantee that there will be at least a restaurant in your building, and maybe even a serious disco club, or a pub that transforms in the disco club after midnight. Streets Literata Azorin, Sueca, Cadiz, and Cuba, as well as a couple of small streets around Mercado, are very, very busy, but, there is a chance of finding a place that is still not quiet, but not that loud either, in the surrounding streets. If you don’t mind noise, (and this is a serious one), then, having so many options for a nightlife would be your pro, if you are looking for a normal, family life, this would be the con. Prices here are a bit lower than in Gran Via or Pla de Remei, but they are seriously trying to bridge that gap. The good thing about Russafa is also its proximity to new Park Central, which is currently being built alongside calle Filipinas. The project will move the railway station underground and provide some always needed green space. Unfortunately, the existing street will also be widened so it can accommodate more car traffic.